Planning, Replanning, and Processing

I had to look up the date to write it in the corner of my journal page today. Can I tell you how freeing that was? The last two weeks have held quite the adventure(s), both bad and good. I'll ease you right into the messiest part or give you the "bad" news first, as they say.

It all started two weeks ago with my dad's Thursday morning appointment for a heart cath turning into an emergency surgery. While we are certainly grateful the doctors located the blockages and placed stents where necessary, I think it shook us up a bit. Don't unmet expectations—for better or worse—always shake things up a bit? 

With the unexpected surgery, I unexpectedly spent five days at my parents' home, an hour from my place. After much discussion with the doctors, my parents decided not to take their trip to Texas the next week—a trip I had planned to join. While I agreed with and wholeheartedly supported their decision (my dad's health was my primary concern), I also felt a sense of loss in not being able to travel with them. 

Then my mom, ever the problem-solver (she's a mathematician, you know), decided I should still go; she even suggested inviting along one of my best friends. I'll be honest, I felt a little guilty making plans for the trip they would no longer be taking with me. I also wasn't sure my friend would be able to go, but I typed out a quick text and prayed she'd say yes. 

Selfishly, I needed a break. I was in a place where, if I didn't take a break, I thought life would break me.

But God knows what He's doing—even when it doesn't make sense to me. With that text began the good part of my adventure. My friend responded with an almost immediate, "Yes!" and began organizing all of her plans to be able to go with me.

Y'all, you need a friend like this one. The one who will drop everything and take an unplanned trip with you. Thanks, Lynn. (Also, Jarrett: Thanks for being a champ about your wife adventuring with me.) 

By Monday afternoon, we set out for Texas—our only plans were hotel reservations and hanging out with our good friend, Elizabeth, once we arrived in Waco. We woke up when we wanted. We stopped when we felt like it. We hiked, shopped, laughed, and ate our way through Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas. 

I really want to tell you more about our adventure. Honestly, I do. But right now, I'm curled up in my own bed for just the second time in 12 days, dreaming of Torchy's Tacos and riverwalk heart-to-hearts with my friend.

In other words, I'm still processing reality. I go back into the office for the first time in 12 days. I actually have to remember the date. Deadlines will do that to you, you know. 

But soon enough, I'll  take you on a written tour of our trip: Texas, Tacos, and Talks.

See you soon,