As I Walk in Faith

Faith. It’s a trigger word for many people for various reasons. Maybe you’ve been burned by it, maybe you feel like you’ve lost it, or maybe you’re just struggling because faith means holding onto what you can’t see yet.

I get it. Faith is tough, but it’s also beautiful. It’s a constant process of growth through trials, pain, experience, and above all: perseverance. Persevering in faith doesn’t mean believing that every thing will turn out as I want or expect or that everything will be perfect. We live in a broken world, filled with broken people. I don’t live perfectly, and neither does anyone else. So, even as I try to walk in faith, life is messy. But faith says there is hope even in the messiness of life because of the beauty in knowing and walking with Christ.

I’ve said on here before that life was the greatest adventure of all. I think I’d like to retract that statement and say that it’s faith. Faith is the greatest adventure I’ve been on. You know why? Because when life is tough in the present moment, through faith in the God who loves me, I am able to stand and be hopeful because He is ultimately what lies ahead. What greater adventure fills our lives than trust and waiting in the unknown?

Sure, my faith has absolutely been tested over the years. I have struggled. I have cried. I have asked God why more times than I can count. And yet, here I am. I’m still standing, and the battles I’ve faced in faith have strengthened my heart in ways I didn’t even know were possible.

When a new year begins, I like to go back and look through old journals and see how much God has worked in and through my life over the last year. 2018 in particular held a lot of change, training in boldness and stepping out in faith, and a whole lot of hurry up and wait.

I decided to spend some time this morning flipping through the first few pages of my current journal, and the entry on February 22nd made my heart beat a little faster. No, not because it was prophetic in any way for where I am now or because I was really off track from where I thought I’d be. (Honestly, in a million words and dreams I never could have predicted I’d be where I am now.) I was simply overwhelmed once again by God’s love for me and His faithfulness to provide.

Here’s the major piece: No matter where we are or what we feel, God is faithful in His love for us. That never changes. Holding fast to that in faith has been a steadying force for me.

But back to the journal entry. I have a habit of writing out Scripture I’ve read that day and then writing about the way it affected me. For February 22nd, I read:

The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent.
— Exodus 14:14

What I wrote then, I felt all over again today.

I’ve read this verse a thousand times and even had chills when I think of You in Your power and might, fighting my battles for me. But, for whatever reason, it struck me in a different way today: This is what Jesus has done for my soul. I could do nothing to fight for my soul. I have no power, on my own, over the enemy. But You do, and You fought for me. You won my soul—from hell and from me. And through Your Spirit within me, You empower me to fight the enemy every single time he even looks my way. You are love, all the way. And I am loved by You.

All I would add to this now is to say: Lord, You fight for me still. You love me still. You hold tightly to me when life makes me feel like letting go. You are where my hope lies. You are my strength. You are the anchor of my faith. My hope rests in you, and I know it is secure.

I don’t know what you believe or where you are on your faith journey, but I believe the Lord is fighting for you just like He fought for me. However scary this may sound to you, He wants your whole heart. No, giving Your whole heart isn’t easy. Walking in faith often requires sacrifice. But, y’all, all I can tell you is this: Placing your faith and trust in Jesus is beautifully, achingly, eternally worth it.

Your friend,