Just Get Outside

Adventure Awaits

Hi, I'm Steph. 

If you know me, you know I'm always planning my next adventure. (Sometimes, I'm even tempted to look past the current adventure because I'm so excited about what's next.)

To me, adventure doesn't always mean a trip across the world, the US, or even the state; adventure can be just down the road or right outside the door. Those of us with a little bit of wanderlust—well, we crave new experiences, wherever that takes us.

However, being an adventurous single young adult—especially as a young woman—can sometimes be difficult. People question me relentlessly about the safety of my decisions. (Hi, Mom). But my own fear can also slow me down. A small amount of fear is good, it makes me ask tough questions and pay attention to my surroundings, but sometimes fear holds me back.

This year I decided I don't want to live in fear. I don't want my place in life right now to hold me back. I want to receive it as the gift it is. Adventure is waiting, and I want to dive in.

I'm digging into this because this is where I am. I am a single woman in her 20s, living in a world that isn't always safe for me to walk through alone. While wisdom says certain activities probably shouldn't be done alone (like kayaking and hiking), you can take steps to keep yourself safe and do what you love—whether someone else is with you or not. 

As you adventure with me here, I'll dig into more specific topics like road-trips, travel abroad, hiking, camping, kayaking, adventure buddies, researching and putting together all the right equipment for your adventures, and other people who've helped and inspired me. 

If any of you adventurous peeps have other questions, ideas, and topics you'd like to see discussed, send them my way. I'm just getting started, so let's take this adventure together. 

Are you ready?